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Leo&Lucky’s Parrish

Leo&Lucky's Parrish - Building signage

We designed, manufactured and installed a wall building sign for Leo&Lucky’s Parrish. You can see this retail sign at 8943 US 301 N, Parrish, FL. Thank you Leo&Lucky’s for trusting Florida Sign Company with your signs.

Leo&Lucky's Parrish - Building signage

About Leo&Lucky’s Parrish

Leo&Lucky’s is a different type of pet store. It was founded as an alternative to the large chain and online pet stores which lack knowledgeable employees and responsibly-sourced products. Leo&Lucky’s provides intimate stores with employees that are friendly, knowledgeable, and care about your pets.

Leo&Lucky’s has a 3C’s philosophy: Cost, Convenience, Communities. They believe in providing quality pet products at a fair cost. They offer convenience throughout the customer experience. They contribute to communities where they live and work.

In addition to offering pet products, they provide a comprehensive grooming service for cats and dogs.

Complete Cat Grooming Service

  • Nail Trim
  • Removal of Mats
  • Brush Out & Combing
  • Dematting – when your furry friend says it’s okay
  • Flea Bath, Dry Shampoo Bath, or Medicated Bath
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Lion Trim
  • Patience & Love!

Complete Dog Bathing Service

  • Massaging Luxury Deep Clean Bath
  • Re-moisturizing of the Coat
  • Nail Trim (with grinding to smooth out edges – by request)
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Anal Glands – (by request*)
  • Brush Out & Detangle (excessive matting adds an additional cost)
  • No Heat Gentle Drying
  • Conditioning Spritz
  • Patience & Love!

Complete Dog Grooming Service

  • Additional Brush Out & Detangle
  • Ear Cleansing, including removal of debris and excess hair
  • Full Body Clipping as requested, includes trimming of feet, and sanitary trim
  • Even More Love!

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