UL Listed

We are state licensed and Insured

Quality is a major ingredient of all signs we build. We are a licensed and listed Underwriters Laboratories Sign Contractor. So, if reliability is the uppermost concern for you or the government permitting agency that must approve your sign requires UL approved construction, we will build your sign to the exacting standards of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

UL sets the standard for a safe, efficient and quality product. Being UL listed means we have met their standards. What this means to you is we are certified to label our product with a UL label which not only speaks to high standards but many municipalities require this certification to obtain permits.

UL conducts tests on products to see whether they meet standards set by UL engineers in conjunction with input from manufacturers and product users, but it will also test products to see whether they meet standards set by outside entities, such as a city (in the case of building codes, for instance). In 1999, 16.1 billion products and components received passing grades from the laboratory’s 35 facilities, which are located around the world.


UL Mark

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) is the largest and best-known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL conducts safety and quality tests on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras. The laboratory provides a full spectrum of conformity and quality assessment services to manufacturers and other organizations. It also assists jurisdictional and provincial authorities, offers educational materials to consumers and works to strengthen safety systems around the world.

UL hands out one of three different designations to products that pass its tests: UL listed, UL recognized, or UL certified. Businesses should note that there is no such designation as “UL approved;” companies that mistakenly tout their products with such a designation arouse the ire of Underwriters Laboratories, which will insist that the company clarify the matter immediately.