Types of Restaurant Signs

The Granary Restaurant Sign - Types of Restaurant Signs

Restaurants often use a variety of signs to communicate with patrons, ensure safety, and provide information. Here’s a list of some common types of restaurant signs you might find at there and their descriptions:

  1. Restaurant Business Signs:
    • These indicate the name of the restaurant and possibly the type of cuisine using the restaurant’s branding.
    • The type of sign or signs used depends on the location. These may be wall cabinet signs, pole signs, monument signs, pylon sign or others depending the rules for that location.
  2. Entrance/Exit Signs:
    • These indicate where patrons should enter and exit the restaurant.
    • They can also be used to direct traffic flow in buffet-style restaurants or areas with specific service stations.
  3. Open/Closed Signs:
    • Displayed on doors or windows, these signs inform patrons whether the restaurant is open for business.
  4. Hours of Operation:
    • Signs that list the days and hours the restaurant is open.
  5. Reserved Signs:
    • Placed on tables that have been reserved for specific patrons or events.
  6. Restroom Signs:
    • Indicate the location of restrooms and often differentiate between male, female, and sometimes gender-neutral or family restrooms.
  7. No Smoking Signs:
    • Alert patrons that smoking is not permitted within the establishment.
  8. No Outside Food or Drink:
    • Indicates that patrons should not bring their own food or beverages into the restaurant.
  9. Safety Signs:
    • These might include signs about wet floors (“Caution: Wet Floor”), areas where caution should be taken, or signs indicating emergency exits.
  10. Menu Boards:
    • Displayed at the entrance or above counters, these boards list the items available for purchase.
  11. Specials or Promotions:
    • Signs that highlight daily specials, discounts, or promotional offers.
  12. Alcohol Service:
    • Signs indicating that the restaurant serves alcohol and may include details about hours or regulations.
  13. Payment Signs:
    • Indicate accepted methods of payment, such as “Cash Only” or logos for credit cards accepted.
  14. Customer Feedback or WiFi Signs:
    • Signs inviting customers to leave feedback, join loyalty programs, or use free WiFi.
  15. Health and Safety Compliance:
    • Signs related to health department regulations, cleanliness, or food safety standards.
  16. Private Event or Function:
    • Signs indicating that a portion of the restaurant is reserved for a private event or function.
  17. Wayfinding Signs:
    • Provide directional guidance within the restaurant, helping patrons find restrooms, exits, or specific areas.

These types of restaurant signs serve various purposes, from guiding patrons through their dining experience to ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Effective signage can enhance the customer experience and contribute to the overall ambiance and functionality of a restaurant.

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