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LED Signage

Are you looking for LED signage?  Have you noticed that more businesses have LED signage these days? One major reason is simple. It gets noticed. Other reasons aren’t as visible but are important. It used to be that lighted business signs had incandescent, fluorescent or neon lights. A number of problems existed with these types of lighting that don’t exist with LED lights.

Incandescent lights used a lot of energy and burned out all too often. Fluorescent and neon lights were more energy efficient but had flickering problems and contained chemicals that can be dangerous, such as the mercury that fluorescent lights contain.

LED lights don’t use mercury so they are safer if breakage occurs. They are from 50 to 70 percent more efficient than fluorescents and give better light than incandescent, neon or fluorescent lights. Many LED lights are constructed to be shatterproof, especially when they are intended for outdoor use.

LED signage is more flexible as well. Part of the LED sign can have your business name and logo done so it is static or flashes while another part is for messages you can change according to your needs. Imagine having a way to display a special sale, new product or service, or congratulate a local sports team on winning a championship. A sign like this will cost less to run than a more traditional lighted sign. You can’t ask for better advertising for your business, even if you were to pay more for it.

Florida Sign can build LED signage for your business that says what you want and need it to say, and put control in your hands to change the message as you wish. If you need help to learn how to change messages, we will show you how. Call us at 941-241-3405 and ask us how we can make sure your business gets noticed.

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