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Channel Letter Signs

Your signs are a bright, vibrant way to announce where your business is located around the clock. The channel letter signs people see when they drive or walk past the building make an impression. These 3D graphic letters are designed from metal, and will proudly showcase the business name without ever rusting.

One of the nice things about these signs, is how impressive they look both indoors and outdoors. You can find them as a décor piece at the mall, on the side of a shopping center, or adoring the area above the entrance at a standalone shop. These colorful neon and LED illuminations can be displayed is several fonts and styles, while giving your business that look you’re looking for.

Nighttime visibility is definitely one of the perks to this neon lighting. Since they do use neon as illumination, your visitors can see them, even on the darkest of nights. Best of all, their three inch size ensures that your sign can be read from a distance with ease.

Additional channel letter signs business owners find incredibly useful, are ones that use LED lights. These are an energy efficient solution that are low maintenance. Each front lit letter will help to make reading your sign easy, while allowing more freedom with colors and fonts.

Take a moment to discover the incredible selection of backlit channel letters that are available to you. These plastic or acrylic material capped pieces will definitely leave people in awe when they see your sign lit up at night.

Remember, you can customize these fonts and that means you can better tie them into your business style and overall theme. At Florida Signs, we can proudly help you to create the perfect design for your business. Take a moment and contact us today for a free quote. Our number is 941-241-3405.

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