Five Guys Restaurant Channel Letter Sign


When it comes to choosing signage for your building, there are many options to choose from. Ultimately you want to choose something that will make you stand out from the rest. When you consult with a signage expert, many will suggest that channel letter signs are a good choice for your building. Let’s see why.

Totally Customizable                                                           

Channel letter signs are designed to be completely versatile. Meaning they can be manufactured to your brand, right down to the color, and even font! We can custom make your channel letter sign with no limitations on the font style and size, to match your business logo! The other benefit they have is that they can be mounted anywhere on your building. Individual letters can also be swapped out easily. They can also be manufactured out of a wide range of materials. Because they represent your brand, they help you stand out even more.


Channel lettered signs have the distinct ability to have only the letter lighted. This keeps the background dark making the letters shine brighter than anything around it. This contrast really makes it pop, especially at night. This only helps your branding with more reach when you’re closed at night.

Far Reaching

Because these signs are so much more visible than your average sign, they are visible from a distance. Your sign will reach more potential customers, from further away.

Channel Letter Signs are right for:

·        Business located in a busy plaza

·        Business with a physical location

·        Business with night hours that need exposure

If you need help deciding on the right sign for your business, contact Florida Sign Company, Inc. We can help you find the right sign that will help your business the best way. If a channel letter sign isn’t the best fit for your Sarasota business, we will find one that is. Contact us today to get started on your sign!

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