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Illuminated signs have been around for quite a while. Over the years they have become more versatile. They can be custom made in your business colors, letter script, they can be back lit, and the possibilities are really endless. This is why illuminated signs are particularly popular among our customers at Florida Sign Company.

·        Illuminated Signs can come as lighted channel letter signs, which are customized to fit the style and business logo of the particular company.

·        Business can also go the classic route of a neon sign which always draw attention. Current technology allows them to be brighter, and longer lasting than previous signs were.

·        LED Message signs are a great option when you want to convey a message or describe your brand to potential customers who are just passing by, or have information that is changing on a regular basis. These are a popular option because the business owner can change the message at a moment’s notice.

·        Illuminated signs can even be mounted on a pole, this makes them even more visible from a distance.

·        Channel letter lighted signs have the ability to easily remove a letter should one need to be replaced.

·        Lighted monument signs really make an impact, especially if you have a hidden driveway or need to stand out at night.

For over 65 years, Florida Sign has been serving the State of Florida with quality signs, at the right price and delivered on time. We make sure we instill VALUE in your decision process to allow your business to prosper for many years to come. All signs are completely manufactured in our 12,000 square foot facility from simple non illuminated wall signs to the most complicated free standing sign. We take care of all aspects of your sign purchase process, from free drawings and quotes, permitting, engineering, and of course the fabrication process. Have an existing sign, we can service any and all types of electrical signs. From Conception to Completion is not only a tag line for us but our mission statement.

Give us a try on your next illuminated sign purchase.

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