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Retail Signs

Are you looking to open a retail store? Don’t dismiss the importance of your retail signs. Retail signage reflects your brand. These signs can communicate the type of retail and vibe of your store.

location Retail Signs

Location signs are the first impression of your store. For the customer that was looking for your place, these signs tell them that they have arrived. Properly designed and placed signs will catch the attention of a passerby. These signs can draw just as many patrons as any marketing campaign or reviews making them invaluable to growing your number of customers.

There are different types of signs you can use to designate your retail location. Local zoning laws tend to dictate your options. That is something we will help you understand.

Pole Signs

Pole signs tend to be tall and are often located on the roadside so drivers can see your store’s name from further away so they can slow down to make the turn.

Sams Club Pole Sign

Monument Signs

Monument signs are free standing sign that tend to be lower to the ground. Like pole signs, the are usually also located near the road or street.

Walmart Monument Sign

Pylon signs

Pylon sign are also free standing, roadside signs. These signs are used for shopping centers so as to display multiple businesses with one sign.

Pylon Retail Sign

Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs have bold, distinct text that stands apart from the building. With these signs, if a letter becomes damaged, repair is also easy. Individual letters are swapped out quickly and replacement letters are installed. The layout also offers a prestigious appearance that you can’t achieve with traditional light-box signs.

Retail Channel Letter Sign

LED Signs

Retail LED Signs are great displaying changing messages and are easy to program. You can announce sales, promote new products, curbside pickup, announce upcoming events, provide holiday greetings, and much more.

Retail LED Sign

Cabinet Signs

Light box or business cabinet signs are one of the most effective types of signs a business can have. These signs are designed to allow customers to comfortably read the sign during the day. When night falls, a group of lights illuminates the sign so customers can read it after dark.

Retail Cabinet Sign

WayFinding signs

Exterior wayfinding signs help direct your customers to the parking lot entrance and exit. These signs also help them find the main entrance & exit, curbside pickup, etc. Interior wayfinding signs may be used to find the customer, departments, order pickup area and restrooms.

Wayfinding sign uses

  • Parking lot entrance
  • Parking lot exit
  • Main entrance
  • Curbside pickup
  • Store departments
  • Bathrooms
  • Customer Service
  • Order pickup area

If you need retail signs, Florida Sign Company can help. Our team of experts has over 70 years of design expertise and we go above and beyond for our customers. Take a few minutes to contact us for a free quote and let us help you with all your sign needs. Call us at (941) 747 -1000.

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