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Medical Cabinet Sign

Cabinet Signs are very popular due to their versatility. No matter where you go, whether it’s Orlando, Sarasota, or Tampa, you’re bound to see a cabinet sign on your journey. Why? Because they are a natural attention grabber. Here are a few of the reasons that cabinet signs could be right for your business.


Florida Sign Company can install them almost anywhere. They can be mounted right on your building, right above the door to your business. They can also be mounted on poles, which is a great option for use near roadways. This helps attract business of potential customers who are driving by. It is also the perfect option for businesses who share a parking lot with other businesses such as those in a strip mall.

Lighted Signs

Cabinet Signs can also be lighted. When you combine that with their versatility of being placed just about anywhere, it makes them an attention grabber at a distance. This makes it the perfect display for a business that is in a highly trafficked area, where people could be just passing through. You can also catch potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having a sign like this gives your business maximum exposure and could be the perfect addition to your business.


If you should ever decide to move your business to another location, cabinet signs are the perfect solution. They can be easily moved and installed at your new location. There’s no need to leave your sign behind and purchase a new one.

If your customers have a hard time finding your business, or you’re struggling to find new customers, a cabinet sign could be the perfect solution for you. Call the experts at Florida Sign Company, and one of our professionals will go over your needs and find a solution that best helps your business.

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