Lighted Signs - Reverse Illuminated business sign


Few things attract as much attention as lighted signs. The colorful displays of flashing, blinking, and still letters, numbers, and designs encourage the public to focus on the message. It’s no wonder that service stations, sports arenas, and large hotels allot for this type of advertising in their annual and special budgets!

Various things make lighted signs stand out from other signage in the area. Font style and size are two features that draw attention to a message. Front-lighted letters, for example, contain a light source or are illuminated from behind. The translucent face of each letter and number shines with appealing colors that rivet the attention of passersby.

The friendly staff at Florida Signs might suggest including your logo on the sign. It’s been a successful way of reinforcing brand recognition for decades and will help draw customers to your business. Choosing from the multitude of shapes, sizes, and types of signs can be overwhelming. Local and state regulations direct the type of lighting.

Exterior light boxes announce daily specials while interior LED signs point the way to shops and events. Overhead lighted signs provide messages to foot and vehicular traffic. Retail, restaurants, and government agencies are a small sample of businesses that benefit from signage versatility.

Sarasota and the Florida business market can depend on quality products from Florida Signs. Large and small displays made from a variety of materials and lighting styles deliver the message that you want to send. We have more than 60 years of experience designing, building, and placing interior and exterior lighted signs. Exceptional customer service and professional results are reasons to call for a free quote today for lighted business signs at 941-241-3405.

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