Bar Signage

Bar signage

In a bar, various types of outdoor and indoor bar signage are used for both functional and decorative purposes. Here’s a list with descriptions:

Outdoor Signs

  1. Branding Signs: Depending on the location and regulations, bars may have a monument sign, pole sign, wall sign, or pylon sign or a combination to indicate the bars location.
  2. Neon Signs: Often featuring the bar’s name or catchy phrases, these are bright and eye-catching, especially at night. They may depict martini glasses, beer mugs, or other related imagery.
  3. Hanging Wooden Signs: Classic and rustic, these often display the bar’s name and logo, sometimes with a brief tagline or the establishment’s founding year.
  4. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs: Portable and changeable, these signs are used to showcase daily specials, happy hour deals, or upcoming events.
  5. Banner Signs: Temporary and versatile, banners are used for advertising special events, new openings, or seasonal promotions.
  6. Window Decals and Lettering: Applied directly on the windows, these often include the bar’s name, hours of operation, and sometimes promotional messages.

Indoor Signs

  1. Wall-Mounted Menu Boards: These display the drink and food menu, often in an artistic or thematic way that complements the bar’s interior design.
  2. LED Message Boards: Used for dynamic messaging, like special offers, live music schedules, or sports game broadcasts.
  3. Directional Signs (aka wayfinding signs): Indicating restrooms, exits, or different sections of the bar, these are both functional and part of the decor.
  4. Table Tents: Small, stand-up signs placed on tables, promoting special drinks, happy hour timings, or upcoming events.
  5. Vintage or Themed Wall Signs: Often decorative, these can include vintage beer ads, neon-lit slogans, or signs that match the bar’s theme (e.g., sports, speakeasy, music).

Each type of bar signage plays a crucial role in both guiding the customers and enhancing the overall ambiance of the bar.

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