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Have you ever noticed a monument sign businesses have on their property to show where they are located? These creative and professional signs come in a number of shapes and styles and are designed to be noticed when people pass by. In some cases, additional slots are offered to help further promote other businesses that are located within a plaza.

Often, you’ll find that these signs are freestanding and they are located on a pillared base. Today, more churches and hospitals are using them as a decorative touch to their grounds, while farms and racetracks have used them for many years.

The name for these signs comes from the brick, concrete or stone that is found at the foundation of the sign. These signs are on mounted posts and designed to make a statement on those who pass by and see them. They may be illuminated, or not illuminated based on the needs of your company. With more positive reaction to these signs, they are definitely a model you want to consider for your business.

For over 70 years, Florida Signs has been proudly producing monument signs for businesses. From churches to parks and even sporting events, we ensure that these signs blend in perfectly with the architectural design of the building they are accenting.

Take a moment to consider all the incredible options you have for a monument sign. Then make sure you contact us at Florida signs to help you to proudly create the sign that works best for your business. Our number is 941-241-3405.

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