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You can make a better choice in outdoor business signs if you know more about the types of exterior signs available.

  1. Pylon signs are big signs you can see from a distance, frequently used by hotels, gas stations and restaurants on highways. They are also used to advertise the businesses in shopping centers.
  2. Pole signs are signs on a single pole used for one listed company.
  3. Monument signs are low-profile signs made from various materials like concrete, wood or high-density foam. They are usually found at the entrance of parking lots or buildings and may have one company on them or a list of the building tenants.
  4. Directional signs provide directions to vehicles and pedestrians to businesses in a business complex.
  5. Wall signs come in various shapes and sizes, and tell customers about you and your business location. While some signs are individual letters, some are simple flat signs and some can be illuminated from within, behind or have lights shining on the sign.
  6. Blade or projecting signs are mounted perpendicular to building walls to help pedestrians find the business entrance from the sidewalk. They may or may not be lit.
  7. Awnings have a classy look with canvas over a frame. They not only help promote the business but also provide shelter to customers entering the business.
  8. Window graphics grab passing customers’ attention from the business front door. It helps to both advertise products and services and helps customers identify the business.
  9. Sidewalk signs also advertise to front door customers and come with a frame to change the signs. They may also have a whiteboard surface so that you can easily change the message every day.
  10. Vehicle graphics are moving rolling billboards used on vehicles to be seen mainly by people in traffic.

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