Outshine the Others in the Dark with a LED Sign

LED sign example

Have you ever thought about how your business looks in the dark? You want your branding to stand out from everyone else, but if your business is open later at night, how will you bring in customers if you don’t have an LED Sign?

LED sign example

Even if you’re not open at night. With LED Signs, you can still advertise to potential customers by having your business name light up the night and be more powerful than the competition. Let’s explore different ways you can benefit from these signs.

Can Customers Find You

If you’re still open when it’s getting dark out, can potential customers see you? If you don’t have an LED Sign, they probably can’t. If you’re a business that relies on nighttime traffic, having an outdoor LED sign is an essential item for your business. This screams “we’re open”!

Drive By Advertising

Even if you’re closed at night, having a LED sign can do advertising for you while you sleep! What do you see when you’re driving down the street at night? Do business signs jump out at you? The ones with LED signs do.


With LED signs, you have the capability to not only advertise your business, but also put messaging on your sign depending on the sign you choose. You could advertise a sale, state that you’re open/closed, announce an event, the possibilities are endless. Think of all the competition in the Bradenton area that you compete with, and could gain an extra edge on just by having this type of sign!

Our LED signs are basically a two part sign, one being the LED display cabinet and the other the ID cabinet, you have to look at both to find out the quality of this product. It’s made in the USA! Don‘t hesitate and get more information right away.

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