Custom sign


We are proud to offer custom signs.  You want your business to stand out so it is easily found. The best way to do this is with signage that is easily seen and catches attention. A custom sign designed just for your needs is the way to go.

Take a drive through the business section of town and pay attention to the signs in front of businesses. Which ones catch your eye and make you think that business is one you want to patronize? Which signs make you want to steer clear of a business? Signs can make that much difference and custom can make even more difference since it won’t be like all the other signs.

The right custom sign for your business could be one type of sign or a combination of types. You could consider a digital pylon sign. It would definitely stand out. Digital can be incorporated into almost any type of sign. Digital graphics show well during the day as well and the night. With digital, you could have the option to change the graphics and have special deals and sales running across the bottom. Everyone driving or walking by could not miss your sign and would know what offers you have.

When you have a sign that people notice, you can’t get much better advertising than that. At Florida Sign, we specialize in signage that gets attention. Give us a call at 941-241-3405 and let us show you samples of custom signs we have provided for other businesses. Once you see what we can do for you, we can discuss what kind of sign will make your business stand out rather than blend into the background.

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