Lighted Signs - Reverse Illuminated business sign
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Signs are an effective way to establish your identity and gain new customers. Keep your message out in front of the public by using illuminated business signs. Your business name, number and logo will shine like a beacon in the darkness, sending a reminder to locals and visitors that your company is nearby.

An illuminated sign is an investment rather than an additional business expense! It raises your visibility and attracts the attention of possible customers. Those same people will also remember your name and mention it to acquaintances asking about nearby businesses that provide the services for which you’re known. Signs also bring in new customers who may be just passing by.

Pylons are a type of freestanding sign that doesn’t require the support of a structure or building. Whether your company is located in a busy center or in a quiet neighborhood, your goal is to attract as many customers as you can handle.  Illuminated business signs have a professional appearance and are easy to see. You may even get the occasional “thank you” for making it easy for an individual to locate your business.

Talk to the experts at Florida Signs about which type of sign fits your needs. Externally illuminated signs are sometimes more beneficial than the common internally illuminated style. With over 60 years of dependable service and quality products, the company has the expertise to provide advice on the best types and locations of signs for your establishment. They also know height and size restrictions for signs in your area.

Drive around areas like Bradenton and Sarasota to see the work of Florida Sign Company at churches, hospitals, restaurants, schools and other businesses. The company handles signage across the entire state and beyond. Call Florida Sign Company today for a free quote at 941-241-3405.

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