Tampa Monument Signs
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Have you ever taken the time to drive around and look at the different styles of Tampa monument signs business and development owners place on their property to announce their location? The creative styles of signage are placed on a variety of geometric shapes or directly on the structure. Some feature slots for merchants within the center.

These large exterior freestanding signs are often mounted on a pillared base. The signage quickly becomes a stylish addition to the landscaping that borders entrances to hospitals and churches. You may see them placed in the gateway over farms and racetracks.

This type of sign is called a monument because the sign is made with a large amount of brick, concrete or stone placed on a concrete foundation. They are mounted on side posts as well as side pillars with a brick, wood or stone base. Tampa monument signs residents and visitors see around the city are available in illuminated or non-illuminated styles.

More than 60 years of friendly service and quality products from Florida Signs result in repeat orders by customers. Churches, parks and sporting areas are examples of customers in Sarasota, Bradenton and the Florida area who order signage that reflects the architectural design of their buildings.

Take pictures of appealing monument signs you see during your drive. Make a note of the things that got your attention including lighting, style and placement. That will help the designers at Florida Signs create the same features to announce your business. Call today for a free quote at 941-747-10.

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