Monument Signs Frequently asked questions

Monument signs

What are monument signs?

A monument sign is a free-standing sign that sits at ground level with little or no open space between the ground and sign. These signs have the appearance of a solid base and are often constructed with brick, stone, stucco, textured wood, tile and textured concrete.

What are the benefits of monument signs?

  • Visibility: Low to the ground in direct line of sight for commuters and pedestrians
  • Durability: The materials used such as brick, stone, etc. are very weather resistant
  • Zoning Compliance: These signs are practically accepted in all communities
  • Design Flexibility: Use your imagination as these signs are designed in a variety of shapes and construction materials

How long does it take to create a monument sign?

That is difficult question to answer as it is variable depending on how long it takes to finalize the design, permitting process, and construction complexity of the design. And of course here in Florida, the weather.

How big should a monument sign be to be eye catching?

The first factor affecting the size of your sign is zoning ordinances. The second is the available space for placement. Third is making sure it can be seen and read from 100 feet away. We will provide you with a design that makes the most impact given these factors.

How much does a monument sign cost?

Again this a difficult question to answer as it is going to vary depending on the complexity of the design, size of the sign, and materials used to construct the sign. Contact us for an estimate.

Do I need a permit for a monument sign?

Most signs require a permit. The permit costs vary by municipality. You don’t need to worry about sign codes as we will research it and make sure your design gets approved.

Contact us at Florida Sign Company to learn more about monument signs and get a sign estimate.

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