Monument Signs


You’ve probably seen businesses with monument sign in front of them. These uniquely creative and professional signs are available in various sizes and styles. That makes them the perfect choice for companies in the area. With them you help to further promote your business, each time someone passes by the sign.

These freestanding signs are usually placed on a pillared base. This makes them idea for placement in front of hospitals, churches, and similar locations. Best of all, they can have a decorative touch added to really make an impression. This is one of the reasons why farms and racetracks have used them for years.

The name for the monument signs comes from their stone, brick, or concrete base they feature. This allows them to make a statement that people will notice when they see them. Regardless of whether they are illuminated or not, these signs are something that will help your business to shine.

When you consider Florida Signs has been proudly serving businesses for the last 70 years, for all their sign needs, you know they are the perfect choice for your monument signs. Regardless if you choosing this design for your church or your business, you can count on us to incorporate the unique architecture of your building into an architectural sign design.

Begin the process by contacting us today. At Florida Signs, we will take the time to create the perfect sign for all of your needs. Begin the process by requesting a free quote from us today at 941-241-3405.

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