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Most individuals are only involved in one sign project in their lives. The process can be very confusing and tiring. The worst mistake that most groups make is purchasing without ever seeing the products up close. Often times these groups purchase a sign with nothing more than a picture and a promise. Research, Research, Research! A sign is no small purchase.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:

  1. 1. Check out a company’s past before you decide to make them a part of your future.
    Any company can talk a big game, but how well can they back it up? How long have they been around and what do their customers say about them? Do they stand behind their product after the sale? Do they care about YOU after the sale? We’ve been building custom signs for 60 years! We credit our longevity to our commitment to treating our customers they way we want to be treated. Check out our work for yourself!
  2. 2. Look at signs.
    We strongly encourage you to get up close and personal with Commercial Signs from each sign company you consider. Don’t just look at pretty pictures of brand new signs either; look at signs that have been weathered for years and see which products can stand the test of time. Get out of your car and touch the signs. Take pictures to compare the different signs you look at. Find one of our signs near you with our Sign Locator!
  3. 3. Take your time.
    No rushed decisions; you will be stuck with your sign for many years to come. You better make sure you love it! Take the time to ensure you choose the best Commercial Sign for your business or facility.
  4. 4. Value or Price?
    We all know that times are tough and it's usually the Bottom Line that is the determining factor. We can appreciate that, but true value isn't just the initial cost. True Value is how much you get for your money. We guarantee our Commercial Signs will last longer than any other product on the market. That's value you can take to the bank!

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