Church and School Signs - Durasign Sealed Face System

Most companies that sell signs to churches and schools use a sign that was originally designed as a commercial sign. They simply add a name and logo and call it a "church sign" or a "school sign". But truly functional church & school signs require more thought and demand different design features.

We Know What you want in a church or school sign

Our Durasign Sealed Face System is built based on your requirements and preferences. In over 5 years of research, in surveys with pastors, other church leaders, principals, PTA leaders and others - people like you - we found out what you want in a church / school sign. Things like:

  • Quality
  • Vandal Protection
  • Ease of changing the Message
  • Ease in Service & Maintenance
  • Full-Service Consultation
  • Ease in Installation
Proprietary Aluminum Extrusion System
Propretary Aluminum Extrusion System

The information from research and interviews along with our experience in the Sign Industry helped us offer a "State of the Art" Propretary Aluminum Extrusion System. This extrusion system is the basis for the latest generation of signs made specifically for schools and churches.

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